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How do I pay my levies?

The following payment methods are available to pay your levies:

BPAY: Use the Biller Code and DEFT/Customer Reference No. to make a payment via BPAY from your cheque or savings account.

DEFT ONLINE:  Pay online from your pre-registered bank account by visiting

DEFT PHONEPAY: Pay by phone from your pre-registered bank account by calling 1300 301 090 or international +612 8232 7395.

DIRECT DEBIT: Set up a direct debit through

CREDIT CARD: Pay online via credit card by visiting or calling 1300 301 090 (merchant fees apply).

POST: Pay by mailing a cheque with your payment slip to:

DEFT Payment Systems
GPO Box 4690

IN-PERSON: Pay with cheque or EFTPOS at any Australia Post branch (an Australia Post DEFT fee of $2.75 will be incurred).

How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, simply complete our Update My Details form. 

By keeping your contact information up-to-date, you help us maintain effective communication with you and ensure that you stay informed about important matters.

How do I join the Strata Committee?

You are eligible to nominate to join your Strata Committee if you’re:

  • An owner in the scheme
  • A company nominee of a corporation that is an owner
  • A person who is not an owner but is nominated by an owner who is not standing for election

To nominate to join the strata committee, simply complete the Strata Committee Nomination Form.
Nominations need to be made either before or at your Annual General Meeting, and your consent will need to be provided either in person or in writing.

How do I request a new key / FOB / Access Pass or remote for my building?

Requesting an additional swipe card, key, FOB, Access Pass or remote for your unit is easy! Simply complete the Key Request Form. Your request will then be processed in accordance with your scheme’s By-laws.

Tenants: You will need to place your request through your landlord or managing agent.

How do I request a repair?

Requesting a maintenance repair, simply complete the Maintenance Request Form.  Please ensure you give as much detail as possible to help with rectifying your issue.

Tenants: You will need to place your request through your landlord or managing agent. Repair requests can only be made by the owner or an authorised representative.

What is a special levy and how is one created?

A special levy is typically raised when there are insufficient funds in either the Administrative Fund or Capital Works Fund to cover the costs of emergencies or unplanned projects. Such projects might include painting common property, fire safety compliance, upgrading building features etc.

If the Owners Corporation encounter expenses that cannot be covered by available funds, it is required to impose a Special Levy on each owner, the amount of which is determined in a general meeting.

A special levy can only be raised at a general meeting of the Owners Corporation by an ordinary resolution, whereby over 50% of the eligible owners vote for it.

I want to renovate my property, do I need approval?

According to the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, renovations fall into three categories, each with different approval processes:

  1. Cosmetic Work – Does not require approval.
  2. Minor Renovations – Requires approval, usually from the strata committee.
  3. Major Renovations –Requires a special resolution vote at an AGM or other general meeting.

The renovation process can be confusing, and each scheme is slightly different, so if you’re unsure please consult with your strata manager before starting any work. They can guide you on the correct procedure for your strata scheme and the approvals required.

If you are looking to do a minor or major renovation, you will need to complete a Renovation Application Form.

As an owner, what meetings do I have to attend?

Although it is not compulsory for any lot owner to attend owners’ corporations meetings, strata schemes tend to operate more efficiently if those concerned take an interest in its affairs.

There may be several meetings of the owners corporation a year, however the annual meeting, when levies are set for the coming year and the strata committee is elected, is the only meeting required to be held by law.

How do I appoint a proxy?

A proxy is where you authorise someone else to vote on your behalf when you are unable or choose not to attend a meeting. To appoint a proxy voter, simply complete a Proxy Form, and give it to the secretary.

For large schemes (with more than 100 properties), you must give the form to the secretary at least 24 hours before a meeting. In other schemes, you can hand it over before the meeting starts.

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