I like to sail, the silence and peacefulness,
when you are out in the ocean
in the middle of the night, is unbeatable.

9091 0369

Dan Harcourt


(02) 9091 0369

I’m in charge of the direction of the business and ensuring we are delivering the absolute best service at every interaction with our business. I’m also responsible for keeping our team happy – so far so good – No revolving door of people you might deal with from month to month!

One of my most amazing experiences
was sailing in the Sydney to Hobart race

I can make pretty decent Sour Dough Bread.

Paul Bakker

director | strata manager

0423 045 501

I am one of the Directors of Precise Property. I lead and manage our Strata Management team and I am also a Strata Manager so have my finger on the pulse at all times. It’s also my responsibility to make sure your call or email has a response that same day.

I love all sports and am
a motorcycle enthusiast.

9091 0369

Jarrod Ling

Strata Manager

0414 972 132

Ask my committees of buildings I manage if a more passionate, dedicated and hands-on Strata Manager exists! Above and Beyond is my speciality. I look after a good mix of residential and commercial Strata plans and consistently referred to new strata plans based on my reputation.

One of my greatest thrills was diving in Maui
and coming face to face with a shark just awesome.

(02) 9091 0369

Melissa Macpherson


0403 250 558

I am a strata manager who cares, I will take the time to get to know and empower you with the knowledge you need to make confident decisions in your strata. Nothing give me more joy than solving your strata concern so you have a stress free experience.


I love running and, while I am not a fast runner,
I like entering races…
especially if you get a shiny medal at the end.

(02) 9091 0369

Jana Antelmann


(02) 9091 0369

I have worked in the customer service sector all my life. Let me know how I can assist you! I offer an honest and caring approach. Having lived and worked all over the world, I have gained a diverse toolkit of skills in working with people of all cultures and backgrounds.


I am a musician in a local band
who loves good Italian food.

Scott Teu

assistant manager

(02) 9091 0369

I’m the master of support and I keep the strata plans in check. I’m like a traffic controller ensuring everyone has the right information and instructions making life easier for our Strata Team, Owners and Building trades and contractors. I keep in contact with the Owners Corporations to make sure they have everything they need and that instructions are scheduled, documented, processed and reported.

I love the beach,
the sound of the waves,
and Karaoke!

(02) 9091 0369

Rica Jane O. Rico

assistant manager

(02) 9091 0369

Behind every great Strata Manager is an even greater support team! – behind the scenes support for Strata Managers is my job. I make sure they have all the information they need to do their job without getting bogged down in process and paperwork.

I love shopping, cooking and watching my
favourite football team play… and win!

Sally Reeves

assistant manager

(02) 9091 0369

I’m one of the strata support team members. My primary focus is ensuring that the day to day action items for our strata buildings are processed and followed up to ensure they remain on track. I have an OCD with having no outstanding to-do items each day – in my role that’s a valued OCD to have!

A rainy day plus a cup of coffee or tea
is a perfect combination

(02) 9091 0369

Haidy Carino


(02) 9091 0369

I look after your Strata Compliance, making sure all aspects are tracked, scheduled and taken care of accurately and efficiently. I coordinate the mandatory inspections and compliance certifications for our buildings. My organisational skills come in handy here as compliance is a surprisingly complex world!

Nothing soothes my soul
like a walk on the beach.

(02) 9091 0369

Isabel Malinowsky


(02) 9091 0369

I take the title of longest standing employee at Precise Property (o.k… I was the very first employee of Precise!) I am in charge of the financial side of the business. I look after your strata accounts, making sure everything is perfect.

I love K-Dramas, I can stay awake the whole night trying to finish all the episodes.

Strata Accounts is what I do. My day to day focus is on checking, coding and paying strata invoices. I make sure everything is complete and up to date for our strata plans.

Rowena Tulipas


(02) 9091 0369

As an experienced Accountant, Strata Accounts is my sole focus! My role involves checking, coding and paying strata invoices. I make sure all invoices are authorised, approved, paid on time and everything is up to date for our managed buildings.

One of my most amazing experiences
was swimming with
humpback whales in Tonga.

9091 0369

Leigh Edwards

operations + Property Manager

0414 881 861

I’m in charge of customer experience with Precise Property and also lead our Property Management Team. I make sure our team is delivering on our promises and that we have all the right systems and processes across all divisions. I’ve previously held multiple roles in our business so well versed in all of our departments. There’s not a staff member of Precise that I can’t help out or fill-in for!

I love to cook; curries are my speciality.

People also think I am a coffee snob,
I just like my coffee the way I like it, that’s all.

Rob Bakker


0414 430 445

My role is to look after commercial and industrial sales and leasing for our Sydney office. Building relationships with owners and tenants is the best part of my job as ultimately it is those relationships that deliver the results!

I like pina colada’s and
getting caught in the rain.

Karyn Nixon


(02) 8922 2400

I look after all of the Property Management accounting and administration including owner, tenant and contractor communications. I make sure rents are collected and paid to the owners. I am also the primary facilities manager for one of our Sydney managed buildings.

I am a registered Marriage Celebrant
and have travelled to over 67 countries!

9091 0369

Marta Ociepa

sales, leasing + Property management: Northern Rivers

0478 012 672

You can find me in our Byron Bay office at Habitat. I look after Northern Rivers Sales, Leasing and Property Management. As a long standing Byron Bay local with a background in the hotels industry you’ll love my positivity and can-do approach.

I played the drums for about 8 years in school
and it fostered my love for jazz music.

(02) 9091 0369

Ethan Rowe


(02) 8922 2400

Ethan is our youngest and in turn our most enthusiastic and energetic team member. Keen to learn and get across all aspects of property – Ethan supports multiple team members and is our next property champion (in training). We can’t wait to see Ethan’s evolution at Precise Property!

I am the one who
always has chocolate in their drawer.

9091 0369

Shannon Harcourt

Business Development + Marketing

(02) 9091 0369

I’ve been working with the Precise team since 2007 looking after design and marketing as well as previously working in with the Facilities and Property Management teams. I’m in charge of creating our business development strategy and marketing initiatives.

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