Login to your new PIQ Owner Portal

To login to your Property IQ owner portal you will need:
Your Email Address + Your Password

Click on the button above to access your Owner Portal.


Not sure how to use the portal?
Click below for the ‘Owner Portal User Guide’.

Owner Portal User Guide

Looking for your old owner portal?

This portal only contains information up to 30/09/23

We are currently transitioning to a new owner portal system. Once this transition is complete, all records will be exclusively available on the PropertyIQ portal. During this period, the PropertyIQ portal will have limited information available, with all documentation set to be migrated across in the coming months.

If you are searching for information prior to 30/09/23 you can continue to access these strata records through your old portal below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven’t received my portal invitation email?

If your strata manager triggers an activation email during the day, you won’t receive it until an overnight sync happens so check the next morning. Your invitation email will come directly from PropertyIQ (no-reply@notify-portal.propertyiq.com.au). If you don’t see your invitation, check in your junk/spam folder. If you still can’t find it, don’t worry, just contact our head office: 02 9091 0369 or your strata manager directly.

How do I change my password?

After logging in, click on your name located in the top right-hand corner and select ‘profile’. Within your profile, click on the settings icon and from there choose ‘Change password’ and follow the prompts.

What can I do if I don’t remember my username?

Your username is the email address recorded in PropertyIQ by your strata manager. If you own multiple lots and have different email addresses attached to each lot, try logging in with each of those email addresses. If you still can’t log in, contact your strata manager who can log a support ticket on your behalf.

Is the information in the portal up to date?

The Portal synchronises (syncs) with Precise Property’s PropertyIQ data overnight, so the information displayed on the portal will be as at the end of the last business day.

I have requested a detailed financial report but have not received it

It may take a few hours for your detailed financial report to be emailed to you. Please check your junk folder or submit another financial report request. If you still don’t receive your detailed financial report, contact our office (02) 9091 0369 or your strata manager.

I can’t see my property or lot in my portal account

This may be for a few reasons:

  1. If you own multiple properties and have recently sold one, your strata manager will have processed a change of ownership and you will no longer see that property in your portal.
  2. If you have recently acquired a new property, it may take a short while for your strata manager to process a change of ownership and add the new property into your portal.
  3. If you have owned your property for some time and it is not showing on your portal account, your strata manager may not have created a portal account for that property. Please contact your strata manager for more details.