Port Stephens & Newcastle

I volunteer for a local Horse Rescue Charity

Olivia Mayne


0401 253 260

I lead and manage our Nelson Bay / Port Stephens Office. I most enjoy the relationships I hold with our clients and ensure we always deliver on the personalised and responsive service we are so well known for.

I love to dance to music with a cold drink while I garden in the backyard

Janice Mahanga


(02) 4916 1000

As a dedicated Strata and Building Manager, I will always do my very best to help owners maintain their home and asset. Being a people’s person, I love negotiating and solving problems and will think outside the box to get the best result for each building I manage.

In my family I’m known as a mozzie repellent for everyone else. If I’m around, mozzies don’t touch anyone else they just bite me!

Samantha McNeill

STRATA manager

0422 901 526

I enjoy the challenge of Strata Management, I love how every day is different and I have the opportunity to get to know and help a large variety of people. I will always do my best to ensure your strata management journey is as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

One of my most amazing experiences
was sailing in the Sydney to Hobart race

I can make pretty decent Sour Dough Bread.

Paul Bakker

director | strata manager

0423 045 501

I am one of the Directors of Precise Property. I lead and manage our Strata Management team and I am also a Strata Manager so have my finger on the pulse at all times. It’s also my responsibility to make sure your call or email has a response that same day.

I have double jointed elbows
and can play the Clarinet

Kirsten Kelley


(02) 4916 1000

With a wealth of experience in customer service management roles I’ve joined the team as a Strata Assistant while I finalise my qualifications to be a Strata Manager for our Nelson Bay / Port Stephens Office. I’m a client experience focussed person helping our team “wow” our clients!

I have a bucket list to surf at Malibu, California

Brad Deger


(02) 4916 1000

I joined the team tasked with the sole mission on “getting stuff done”! You wont find many people as keen as I am to get involved and help out wherever that might be. Closing off any nagging or complicated tasks or issues is my specialty!

I turn up the car radio when a favourite song is playing and sing like there is no tomorrow

Julie Virgo


(02) 4916 1000

If you drop in to our Nelson Bay / Port Stephens office, its my smiling face you’ll see first! I look after the vast majority of the administration for our office and for our strata clients.

I like to sail, the silence and peacefulness,
when you are out in the ocean
in the middle of the night, is unbeatable.

9091 0369

Dan Harcourt


(02) 9091 0369

I’m in charge of the direction of the business and ensuring we are delivering the absolute best service at every interaction with our business. I’m also responsible for keeping our team happy – so far so good – No revolving door of people you might deal with from month to month!

Nothing soothes my soul
like a walk on the beach.

(02) 9091 0369

Isabel Malinowsky


(02) 9091 0369

I take the title of longest standing employee at Precise Property (o.k… I was the very first employee of Precise!) I am in charge of the financial side of the business. I look after your strata accounts, making sure everything is perfect.

Janice Aque


(02) 9091 0369

With my diverse experience in bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting, Strata Accounts is my sole focus! My role involves checking, coding and paying strata invoices. I make sure all invoices are authorised, approved, paid on time and everything is up to date for our managed buildings.


Oh no, that’s definitely not for me!

Karyn Nixon


(02) 9091 0369

Having previously worked as a property and facilities manager at Precise, you know I am able to prioritise tasks and communicate effectively with tradespeople and strata owners. I’m responsible for onboarding our new managements, making sure they are correctly set up along with reporting, invoicing, and providing assistance in managing strata accounts.

A rainy day plus a cup of coffee or tea
is a perfect combination

(02) 9091 0369

Haidy Carino


(02) 9091 0369

I look after your Strata Compliance, making sure all aspects are tracked, scheduled and taken care of accurately and efficiently. I coordinate the mandatory inspections and compliance certifications for our buildings. My organisational skills come in handy here as compliance is a surprisingly complex world!

If I could only watch one show for the rest of my life, it would be Love, Rosie

(02) 9091 0369

Kate Montilla

Strata Compliance

(02) 9091 0369

I work as part of the Strata Compliance team where my multi-tasking skills get a workout! I assist in making sure all aspects are tracked, scheduled and taken care of accurately and efficiently. My customer service background assists me in getting things done and communicating with trades and clients.

I am the one who
always has chocolate in their drawer.

9091 0369

Shannon Harcourt

Business Development + Marketing

(02) 9091 0369

I’ve been working with the Precise team since 2007 looking after design and marketing as well as previously working in with the Facilities and Property Management teams. I’m in charge of creating our business development strategy and marketing initiatives.

I read the synopsis for every movie I’m going to watch because I hate surprises.

Alisha Barrett


(02) 9091 0369

As part of the marketing team at Precise Property, I am responsible for developing and executing innovative marketing strategies that engage our audience and elevate our brand. Whether it’s through crafting compelling copy that captures attention, managing our social media presence, or brainstorming exciting content ideas, I am passionate about finding new and creative ways to tell the Precise Property story!

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