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I am a registered Marriage Celebrant
and have travelled to over 67 countries!


sales, leasing + Property management
(02) 6694 3244

When you drop into our Byron Bay office at Habitat, it is my friendly face you will see! I’m responsible for Northern Rivers Sales, Leasing, and Property Management and I take great pride in understanding the unique needs of all my clients! With a background in the hotel industry and being a long-standing local in Byron Bay, you’ll love my positive and can-do approach!

I love an ice bath, but can’t stand a sauna.


facilities manager | Strata Support
(02) 5624 5029

I am responsible for overseeing the Facilities Management side of the business which involves managing communications with owners, tenants, and contractors. With my eye for detail and proactive problem-solving approach, I always like to think ahead! Communication is one of my strong points and I like to take on every task I do with enthusiasm.

I like to sail, the silence and peacefulness,
when you are out in the ocean
in the middle of the night, is unbeatable.


(02) 9091 0369

I’m in charge of leading the direction of the business and ensuring that we consistently provide the very best service during every interaction with our business. Equally important is the happiness of our team, and I take great pride in our track record so far! With us, you can rest assured that there won’t be a revolving door of people you might have to deal with from month to month.

One of my most amazing experiences
was swimming with
humpback whales in Tonga.


operations + Property Manager
(02) 6694 3244

I’m in charge of customer experience with Precise Property and also lead our Property Management Team. I make sure our team is delivering on our promises and that we have all the right systems and processes across all divisions. I’ve previously held multiple roles in our business meaning I’m well versed in all our departments – there’s not a staff member here I can’t help out or fill-in for!

My favourite childhood food is Vegemite Pasta – don’t knock it until you try it!


STRATa manager
(02) 5624 5029

As someone who has worked in Strata and the Property industry for many years, my top priority is making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently for all our buildings. Through diligent, proactive, and communicative management, I work hard to stay on top of everything that needs to be done, making sure that all action items are followed up on in a prompt and timely manner.

One of my most amazing experiences
was sailing in the Sydney to Hobart race

I can make pretty decent Sour Dough Bread.


director | strata manager
(02) 5624 5029

As a Director at Precise Property and one of the leaders of our Strata team, I’m passionate about providing exceptional service to our clients. With years of experience as a Strata Manager, I understand the unique challenges associated with managing strata properties! That’s why it’s my responsibility to ensure that every call or email we receive gets a response that same day.

I am an avid camper who finds therapy in going off-grid – escaping the everyday hustle and connecting with nature.


Regional Manager
(02) 5624 5029

Drawing on over 14 years’ experience in the property industry, specialising in Strata Management, I bring a wealth of expertise and deep-seated passion for this dynamic field. As Regional Manager, I’m excited to leverage my skills and passion to drive growth, foster innovation, and have a meaningful impact on the Precise Property journey ahead!  

I read the synopsis for every movie I’m going to watch because I hate surprises.


(02) 9091 0369

As part of the marketing team at Precise Property, I am responsible for developing and executing innovative marketing strategies that engage our audience and elevate our brand. Whether it’s through crafting compelling copy that captures attention, managing our social media presence, or brainstorming exciting content ideas, I am passionate about finding new and creative ways to tell the Precise Property story!

I am the one who
always has chocolate in their drawer.

9091 0369


Business Development + Marketing
(02) 9091 0369

I have been an integral part of the Precise team since 2007, previously working within the Facilities and Property Management teams before transitioning to focus on design and marketing. Currently, my main responsibilities involve developing our business development strategy to ensure long-term success, as well as driving our marketing initiatives to enhance our brand visibility and strengthen our market presence!

I love the beach,
the sound of the waves,
and Karaoke!


Repairs + Maintenance Co-ordinator
(02) 9091 0369

As the Repair and Maintenance team leader, I play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of the strata team amidst the whirlwind of processes and paperwork. My main responsibilities involve overseeing all aspects of strata repairs and work orders, ensuring everything is coordinated efficiently and plans are kept updated. With a knack for organisation and a passion for problem-solving, I take pride in streamlining workflows and fostering an efficient and effective culture within the team!



Repairs + Maintenance Co-ordinator
(02) 9091 0369



Repairs + Maintenance Co-ordinator
(02) 9091 0369


A rainy day plus a cup of coffee or tea
is a perfect combination


(02) 9091 0369

As part of the Strata Compliance team, I am responsible for ensuring that all aspects are carefully tracked, scheduled, and managed accurately and efficiently. My role involves coordinating mandatory inspections and compliance certifications for all the buildings that we manage. The world of compliance can be surprisingly complex, and my strong organisational skills play a crucial role in handling these responsibilities effectively.

I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightly) too many times than I can count. It’s my go to feel good movie!


(02) 9091 0369

With a strong background in customer service and management, I offer a diverse range of experience to the Strata Compliance team. My primary focus in this role is to ensure that our strata plans comply with all relevant regulations and bylaws. Leveraging my strong organisational skills and keen attention to detail, I effectively support and streamline operations within the compliance department.

I am a dog lover and I used to own 12 dogs.


Strata Compliance
(02) 9091 0369

Having worked as a property manager in the past, I understand the importance of adhering to government regulations in property management and maintenance. As part of the compliance team, I ensure that all the properties we manage meet the latest government standards for policy coverage and inspections. My attention to detail and strong organisational skills are essential in maintaining these standards and ensuring every aspect of compliance is met.

Nothing soothes my soul
like a walk on the beach.


(02) 9091 0369

I’m proud to say that I take the title of the longest standing employee at Precise Property… because I was the very first employee hired! I’m in charge of the financial side of the businesses, and my responsibilities revolve around managing your strata accounts to ensure everything is in perfect shape. With my commitment to excellence, I approach every aspect of my job with care and precision.

My childhood’s wildest dream is to become the fairy godmother of cats.


(02) 9091 0369

With my diverse experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting, I have now dedicated myself exclusively to Strata Accounts! My responsibilities include a variety of tasks to help support the strata team such as checking, coding, and paying strata invoices, ensuring their timely authorisation, approval, and payment! I also maintain up-to-date records for our managed buildings, guaranteeing that everything is kept organised and in order!

I’m a frustrated cook! Former colleagues liked my chicken macaroni salad but only because it was free…


(02) 9091 0369

As a core member of the financial services team, I draw upon my diverse experience from my background in accounting. I handle a range of responsibilities, from processing creditor accounts to overseeing various financial documents like invoices and reports. My keen eye for detail, combined with my strong multitasking skills, ensures that all tasks, regardless of their size, are executed with precision and enthusiasm!

Oh no, that’s definitely not for me!


(02) 9091 0369

I oversee special projects and the onboarding experience at Precise. With years of experience within the Precise team, I’ve held various roles in the property industry, equipping me with a unique understanding of its diverse facets and the importance of the business-client relationship. My journey from facilities manager to property manager, and later to strata finance coordinator, means I’m well-versed in every aspect of the systems, processes, activities, and relationships I manage daily.

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