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With over 14 years of experience in the property industry, specialising in Strata Management, I have a wealth of expertise and genuine passion for this dynamic field.

As the Regional Manager, I work closely with our strata managers, providing them with additional support and resources to help keep all our strata plans running smoothly

I’m dedicated to using my skills and industry knowledge to drive growth, foster innovation, and build strong relationships with each of our strata management clients— hopefully including you soon!

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“I love to unwind with a long family walk – dog included!”

“I am an avid camper who loves the quiet of nature!”

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answers to popular questions

“Call or email us before 4 pm any business day and we
guarantee you will receive a response that same day.”


Voicemail: Response same business day – when received by 4pm.

Email: Response same business day – when received by 4pm.

Written Correspondence: Acknowledgement of receipt and advise sender of response turnaround expectation same day as per our guarantee. Target to provide detailed response same day when received by 4pm where possible but may vary depending on complexity and nature of the correspondence.

As part of our commitment to service, you will be issued with the mobile number and direct email address for your Strata Manager along with an office number and direct email address for your Assistant Strata Manager.

When comparing strata proposals, it is important to have a clear understanding which services are included in the management fee and what is charged separately (Disbursements / Schedule B fees) in the contract.

There are 2 main ways strata managers put together their fee structure.

In a fixed or ‘all-inclusive’ fee structure, the management fee covers disbursements like meetings, phone calls, printing, copying, postage, reports and other related services both with owners and building contractors. This approach ensures you have a clear understanding of all your expenses upfront, allowing for more accurate budgeting.

Another approach is to charge a lower base management fee and then bill separately for all disbursements like meetings, phone calls, printing, copying, postage, reports and other related services both with owners and building contractors.
While the initial management fee may appear to be lower, these strata companies derive their revenue through charging extra for all services  – potentially encouraging them to bill your plan unnecessarily. This is particularly significant to note, as some Strata Managers may also earn commissions from the Schedule B fees they bill to your plan, potentially further incentivizing them to charge your plan for every small task they do.

Once you have notified your current strata manager of your decision to switch to Precise Property, we can initiate the handover process. This process involves working with your outgoing manager to facilitate the transfer of important documents, the strata roll, and financial information to our team. To ensure a smooth transition, we provide you with a detailed list of items required at the beginning. 

After we have received all records related to your strata plan, we send out a welcome pack to all owners. This pack includes valuable information such as:

Your Strata Management team’s contact information, including both your Strata Manager’s and Strata Assistant’s personal mobile number and email address. 

Details for your owner portal, which offers secure 24/7 access to building and lot information, financial data, reports, documents, meeting schedules, levy information, receipts, and other essential resources. 

Access to our strata resource hub, where you can find a wealth of resources, forms, emergency details, and user guides. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Precise Property family.